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Finance for any purpose

The best available loan product for any purpose, whatever your situation

Personal loans
Small business loans
Low doc loans and asset lends
Boats, bikes and cars
Up to 100% funding
Plant and equipment
Debtor finance/ factoring
Investment loans
Loans for self-employed people
Office equipment
Venture capital
Medical and beauty equipment
Computers and copiers
Foreign currency loans
Overseas purchases
Non-conforming loans
Adverse credit history
Deposit bonds/bank guarantee

Whoever you are

Are you a school leaver, just married, mid-career, self-employed, a high net worth professional, salary earner, or property investor?

Whoever you are, talk to us about how to achieve your dreams.


Finding the best loan product for you

Starting with a review of your current circumstances and your goals, we investigate the options and come back to you with recommendations.

We can often

  • Obtain a loan approval when your own efforts have failed
  • Find you lower rates and better conditions
  • Get you a better result than other brokers

We make this process as easy for you as possible.


Long-term commitment

When you become our client we are committed to giving you

  • Prompt, helpful answers to your questions
  • Ongoing information about loan products
  • Continued assistance for your long-term aspirations

Your relationship with us means more than an individual transaction.


The big picture

While we’re helping you arrange finance, we can also assist you with related activities, for example

  • Applying for First Home Owners Grant
  • Arranging a conveyancer
  • Obtaining a quote for building insurance

Through our alliances with several associated businesses, we can help you find the perfect solutions for

  • Business planning
  • Insurance services
  • Financial planning
  • Finding a property
  • Relocating

We will liaise with your own advisers such as accountant, financial planner, real estate agent to smooth the way for you as much as possible.